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Have you noticed you are getting your sequencing data delivered the very same day you drop your sample off in the Fishroom? Have you noticed the sequencing is cheaper? Spread the word. The more people who use us and the more samples coming in means it will get even cheaper. Don't worry that more sequencing will slow your results down. We have upgraded and built in large capacity.

Are the pickup times convenient? Tell us if they are not. Do you want an additional drop off spot? Tell us where.
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New DNA Sequencing Pricing (Dec. 1, 2011)

Sample Pick-up:
Sample dropped off 8:00 am data in your folder SAME DAY by 4:30 pm or sooner.
Sample dropped off 12:00 pm data in your folder following day by 4:30 pm or sooner.

New DNA Sequencing Guidelines (December 1, 2011 update).

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